The rupee falls to an all-time low of 77.74 per dollar

The rupee fell to a new all-time low against the US dollar on Wednesday, ending at 77.74, slightly lower than its previous close of 77.71. Despite continued foreign capital outflows and higher global crude oil prices, the local currency traded in a limited range. The previous low was set on May 19, when it closed […]

The rupee rose 5 paise to 77.52 against the dollar, as local equities continued to rise

In early trade on Wednesday, the rupee rose 5 paise to 77.52 against the US dollar, as a robust trend in local equities improved investor spirits. However, forex traders claimed that rising global crude prices and continuing foreign capital outflows restricted the local currency’s appreciation bias. The rupee opened at 77.54 against the dollar on […]

As crude oil prices rise, the rupee falls to an all-time low of 77.42 per dollar

The Indian rupee has broken over the 77-per-dollar barrier for the first time, owing to rising crude oil prices and a growing trade deficit.The rupee was trading at 77.32 per dollar, 41 paise lower than its previous close.The US Federal Reserve’s hawkish posture has resulted in higher US bond yields, with the dollar index reaching […]